Urban Seedling, Montreal’s full-service urban organic gardening startup takes city-dwellers from seeds to salads on rooftops, balconies, patios and the smallest of urban spaces.

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Notions and perceptions revolving around food have drastically changed in recent years. As organic options become the norm for many, the origin and social and environmental impact of food continues to become a greater concern – with many consumers seeking a greater role in the production of their food. In urban areas, there’s an inherent problem in growing your food: space. Montreal’s full-service urban edible gardening startup Urban Seedling is overcoming this challenge by designing, educating and facilitating urban food production with a core goal in mind: to help people grow their own food.

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The team at Urban Seedling works with clients (businesses, schools and individuals) planting meticulously planned ecosystems of veggies, edible flowers and even sometimes fruiting trees such as peach or cherry that maximize bounty in the smallest of urban spaces. These micro-ecosystems use organic methods that mimic a natural ecological system but swaps in all-edible plants so the system is particularly productive for humans. Urban Seedling uses all natural pest solutions from garlic spritzers to lady bugs, herbs and strongly scented plants to serve as aromatic pest confusers for everything from beetles to aphids.

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Founded by Shawn Manning and Tereska Gesing a husband-wife duo, Urban Seedling has grown from an idea into a thriving socially conscious startup since its inception four years ago. They uses their expertise to fabricate custom gardening systems to optimize the conditions of each location. As much as Urban Seeding is about building gardens, they are about building community through food. The team at Urban Seedling finds themselves connecting with neighbors and developing inter-generational connections in our community simply by getting their hands dirty.

Take a look here and see how Urban Seedling can help you grow your own food